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The 3 current blogs will still exist for you to have a look at (photos, stories, videos) but you won’t be able to comment or add new posts. You will need to do that on the new blogs.

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Barefeet Performance

Barefeet Theatre Workshops

Ghana Facts

Ghana is a constitutional democracy divided into ten administrative regions, and the world’s 49th-most inhabited nation with a multiethnic population of around 24 million as of 2010. Ghana’s varied geography includes savannas, woodlands, forests, a coastal line, springs, cave systems, mountains, estuaries, wildlife parks and nature reserves. The coast of Ghana stretches 560 kilometres (350 miles) and includes a rich assortment of culturally significant castles, forts, ports and harbours.

Discussion (Project Homework)

Should we pretend it is Victorian times?

We have been discussing whether or not we should pretend it is Victorian times. What do you think?

Firstly, many teachers believe it will be a great learning experience and it will  help them with their topic. Moreover, most parents say you can see what it would be like to live in these times and play how they played. Additionally, the Head Teacher says it is eco friendly because they didn’t have any electricity.

On the other hand, many children argue they will get whipped a lot so their parents will complain. Moreover, some parents believe they need to learn their level of learning and not the Victorian’s. Finally, some children state the toys will be boring therefore they will have nothing to do.

After considering all the arguments, I believe they should not pretend it is the Victorian times.

Thaumcraft 4 Guide

Thaumcraft 4.1 delves you into a world of magic. Introducing strange creatures, aspects and much more!

The Beginning: First, you will need to create a bookshelf and an Iron Capped Wooden Wand. The wand requires 2 Iron caps, which require 5 iron nuggets (from iron nuggets, 9 per ingot) each. Put one of the caps on the bottom left square of the crafting table and the other one on the top right. Then in the middle, a stick.

 (Iron Cap)

(Iron Capped Wooden Wand)


Place the bookcase down and right click the Iron Capped Wooden Wand on it. This will give you the Thaumonomicon, the main item of the game. Right click the Thaumonomicon and read the information. There should be The Pech, ores and more.

Make 2 tables and scribing tools, this will allow you to research. Put the tables together and right click with the scribing tools, this will allow you access to the aspects.

 (Feather, glass bottle, ink sac)

Now that you have most of the main items, you will need a Thaumometer which allows you to scan items.

Oh, and also, make another table, right click with your wand and you will get an Arcane Worktable. With your thaumometer, scan Cobblestone, Sand or dirt (NOT GRASS). You will then need to combine aspects to discover more.


Aura Nodes

Scattered around the world, there are strange things you can see called Aura Nodes. These nodes can be different types, such as Bright, Pale, Normal, Sinister and much more. Sinister nodes are often found in Obsidian Totems, which make nearby biomes Eerie. This biome spawns Furious Zombies, which are important for future research. Also, you can charge your wand by right clicking a node with it.


You start with 6 primary Aspects:
Ignis, Aer, Terra, Ordo, Aqua and Perditio. You can combine them to make other ones like these:




These are not ALL the aspects,there are some like Superbia.


Take the scribing tools off your research table, get paper (from sugarcane) and right click your Thaumonomicon. Click on a research such as Advanced Node Tapping. Drag aspects to connect them together. If you find a ?, you will need to discover that aspects.

Infusion Altar

This is a research and will require alot of Arcane Stone blocks. You will need:

1x Runic Matrix

4x Arcane Stone Brick

5 or more Arcane Pedestals

Full Thaumaturge Armor

Goggles of Revealing

Charged Wand

This will allow you to create the Runic Matrix, it will look like this:

You will also need 25 of each type of vis in your wand

The reason why you need full thaumaturge and the Goggles of Revealing is because of the Vis Discount they give, as the basic wand costs 110% Vis, so you need 27.5 (28) of each. The basic wand can only hold 25x of each Aspect… Goggles of Revealing and the Thaumaturge’s Armor offers about 12% Vis Discount, which spends most of your wands Aspects. You can also place more Pedestals around it, (9?) and also put things such as Zombie Heads, Nitor, Mixed Crystal Clusters and more. Just make sure its symmetrical, as it reduces Instability. Once completed, make sure you right click the Runic Matrix to make it function.



Taint is quite scary. It changes monsters (most of them) into Tainted Monsters, which can give you the debuff “Flux Taint”. This is a slow poison-like debuff, which can also kill you. Much like a slow wither, but also dealing half a heart. Oh, also standing on Fibrous Taint or anything tainted will also give you a debuff. If you get taint in your house, clear it with a liquid.


Right click a cauldron with your wand. This gives you the Crucible. Put lava or fire under it, this will function it. This can be used to make things such as Nitor. To make Nitor, you drop in any item with Potenia, Ignis and Lux. You need 3 of each. Then, dump in a glowstone dust and boom! You will get Nitor. Keep in mind the best for these are:
Coal (drop 2 for 1 Nitor) Gives you 2 Potenia and 2 Ignis

Torches (drop 3 for 1 Nitor) 1 Lux per Torch.

Extra Mods

There are extra mods made by other players that add other research. Like Thaumic Tinkerer, etc.


Research Hungry Chest, get the required Aspects. The Golems are slave-like helpers. They can refill your Crucible with water, farm and more.

Sky Alchemy (Agrarian Skies)
As you cannot get 40 Ordo in Agrarian Skies, you will need to use a different one. Use Sky Alchemy to research the Sky Matrix which allows you to create the Runic Matrix at a cheaper cost. You can also create Greatwood and Silverwood saplings.


Ichor is the most end-game item of Thaumcraft. It is the hardest item to get. You have to research nearly EVERYTHING to get it:

Ichor Entry.png

 You will need 32 Humanus, 32 Lux and 64 Spiritus for 8. Also, you will need 1 nether shard, 1 End Shard, 1 Nether shard, 1 Eye of Ender and 1 Diamond. Expensive… So for the armor, you will need:
96 Humanus, 96 Lux and 192 Spiritus.

Victorian Work Song


Green text means it is the Children’s voice. 

In good old Queen Victoria’s day

Industrial Revolution

Meant bosses said, “Please, we need more employees.”

We needed a solution

 Who will climb our chimneys?

Who will power our grids?

Victorian families so desperately poor

They’ll let us employ their kids for

 Work, terrible work

From very young ages

Up chimneys to clean

Paid pitiful wages

Work, terrible work

Pins make you work faster

If we get too big

Get sacked by the master

 Now you’re all in my employ

Cleaning in the factory

Were not very strong

And the hours are long

This work is unsatisfactory

 Were not to get trapped in spokes or trap our hands in gages

To stop machines and get you out will cost you a weeks wages 


Work, terrible work

There’s no health or safety

So if we get hurt

They will just replace me! 

Work, terrible work



 Now that I am short of cash

I have to pickpocket wallets from Gentleman

And ladies’ lockets

Small enough to get away

Hardly ever caught

And if we are, were kids you see 

To cry is what we’re taught


Work, terrible work

Dangerous and demeaning

No time to complain

Get back to your cleaning

Work, terrible work

Guess what we are dreaming

School, glories school, wonderful school, marvelous school

Wish we went to… School









Netherlands Vs Spain – Match Report (homework)

The game started at Friday, 13th of June at 20:00 (8PM) GMT+0 (England Timezone). It was played at Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador, which is in Brazil.

In the first half of the game, two yellow cards were given to Jonathan de Guzmán for hauling down a Spain counter attack and Stefan de Vrij for a bodycheck on David Silva. The first goal was scored by a Spanish player, Xabi Alonso and it was a penalty kick. Seventeen minutes later, there was another goal; from Robin van Persie, who headbutted the ball into the goal, which gave The Netherlands a point. So far, in the first half, it is 1 – 1.

In the second half, a goal was scored by Arjen Robben, a Dutch player. The score was 1 – 2. 12 minutes later, the Dutch scores again, by Stefan de Vrij. After Robin van Persie got his yellow card for a rash challenge on Jordi Alba, he scores his second goal for his Country. Finally, the last goal was scored by Arjen Robben, which is his second aswell.

The Netherlands won, with a score of 5 – 1.

Discussion (Homework)

We have been discussing whether or not The Bedroom Tidier 3000 should be banned. What is your opinion?

Firstly, many parents argue that the children do not have to tidy their bedrooms, therefore they do less exercise and are becoming unfit and unhealthy.  Furthermore, it could be said that children are no longer learning the skills of keeping their own space neat and tidy which could lead to them not respecting other people’s spaces.  In addition to this, how can the children know where all of their stuff has been put?  This means that they are constantly bugging their parents to find everything for them, thinking that their parents will know where everything is.

On the other hand, if their bedrooms are neat and tidy, you could say that children will know how other places should be kept and will have the energy to play lots of sports outside.  Moreover, the children may then help to keep the rest of the house tidy like their bedrooms.  Finally, you are only a child once so should have as much free time as possible to go outside and play.

After considering all of the arguments, I believe it should not be banned as is helps the children see how things should be kept.  The parents could limit the use of the machine but should not ban it.

Albert the Sweep


How was Albert feeling before he went up the chimney? Write a description of his emotions trying to show how he feels not tell.

Facts about Venezuela

  1. Venezuela is in South America
  2. It’s capital city is Caracas
  3. When it rains the heat is so hot steam comes off the ground
  4. The temprature can reach 35 °C
  5. Poor people live in either slums or the barrio
  6. To get milk some families use powdered milk
  7. Arrina pan is flour and is used for making boyito and arepa.
  8. Most people are Cathlic
  9. Their president, Hugo Chavez lived from 1999-2013
  10. The Orinoco river is the longest river in Venezuela
  11. Caracas has a population of 3,000,000
  12. Some of the animals are: Jaguar, Capybara, Ocelot, Caiman, Taipir, Electric eels, River otters, Foxes, and Porcupine.
  13. The currency is a Bolivar:

The Awongaleema Tree (Homework)

Is your fruit basket always empty? Do your parents never buy you fruit? Well, worry no longer! Once you have the Awongaleema Tree, your life will be a dream! Don’t buy candy, you won’t need to once you have your Tree. I’m guessing you’re curious and dying to know how this tree works…

In order to grow it, make sure you plant it inside your house, with a window so your seed can get plenty of sunlight. Make sure you water your it everyday, so it is hydrated. Also, it is recommended to fertilize your tree at least twice a week. Make sure if it is a cold, frosty day or night, you keep the doors sealed so that the chill doesn’t kill it. Once your plant is tall and strong, move it to the garden because it will reach the ceiling and also be more resistant to the outdoor weather.

When your tree is fully grown, it will start producing many fruits that will sparkle in your eyes. They are amazingly produced everyday. Take a bite and abracadabra! You will be astonished by how sweet it is. Your favorite fruits will appear, apples, oranges, mangoes, strawberries, anything!

Listen to the sound of a bird resting on your tree, tweeting. If you are thirsty and want to drink something new other than water, use the fountain of fruitiness! There is also a panel that you may see with buttons on. Simply type in the fruit you want be blended and boom!  You will see part of the tree open, the Fountain. Get a cup, scoop it up, drink, you’ll love it! Your five-a-day will be fulfilled!

If you take care of your tree, it will produce your fruit extremely ripe and you will be very healthy (if you eat your 5-a-days!). This means you will live longer (if you keep your tree hydrated, it will live for eternally.)Eventually, it will start producing more and more seeds so its existence will never be extinct.

My trip to the Black countrey museum (Diary)

Dear diary,

I am writing to you to tell you about my trip to the Black country museum. First, I am going to tell you how I felt before we went there. Before we went I felt very exited and happy because the teachers said that the trip to the Black country museum is the best trip at Knowle Park.

When we went on the coach to get ready to go it took ages to get past the cars that were in our way. It took us a couple of minuets to get through. When we arrived to the Black country museum after to hours, I saw some people that were dressed as Victorians and they also worked there. The first thing that we did at the Black country museum was going to Lillie’s house and there were a couple of different things about the house. On the side of the house there were circular cobblestone on the sides because it stops people from taking a pee there and if they try to it will splash back on them. I thought that was a good idea to stop people from taking a pee and I don’t know if we still have those today.

When we entered the house it looked very fancy and posh. There was also a woman dressed up as Lillie and she told us how her life was. She told us that she used to be a maid and she only got to see her mother at night when she gets free time. After she finished talking about Lillie, we got to see how her bedroom looks like. We also saw the teddy that she was talking about which Lillie used to have.

After that, we went to a place where they used to collected coal from underground. There was a man that talked about the people that worked there and he said that the men had to put explosives underground so that they could collect the coal and when the bomb explodes they have to run as fast as they can so they don’t get caught in the explosion. And if they fail they will die. The woman that worked there were lucky because they worked on the surface of the ground and all they had to do was put the coal in a pile. When they used to work at night the sky would always be red because all the steam in the furnaces go up in the air and make it look red when it came from fire which is red. After that we went to the sweet shop in Victorian times and only the children with money got to buy a sweet. Then we went to the dentist and the guy at the dentist was complaining about us eating sweets because it’s not healthy for us and it will make are teeth decay. He showed us how tablets were made in the Victorian times and I thought that it will take ages to make the tablets but the did not really take that long. We then went on a red double decker bus and we only had a ride around the roads. Then we went to this school called ST Goerge’s School and when we went inside the school we had to go on a table with slate and learn. The first thing we learnt , was the two and three times table.

After that , we learnt the alphabet backwards and after we done that we had to do it without looking. Then it was time for us to go down the mine. Before we went down the mine there was a man who was going to tell us that we need to follow him because it is pitch black inside and we were all given torches.We had to know how it felt for the little boy next to the door and the explosions that were put in the mine and how dangerous it was in the mine. When we got out some of us thought that it was the scariest thing in there life although some were very brave. We went in a shop with precious stones and went in another shop with sweets.

But sadly, it was time to go and I wish that we could all stay in the Black country museum forever.

From Kieran =)

Parent Pampering Machine

Is your parent always rushing to work scruffy? Are they too busy for the beauty salon? If so, use this Parent Pampering Machine and you would be natural not scruffy anymore this machine is the best thing in the world…

To make sure your machine actually work, place your eye inside the eye scanner so it can identify you, the owner is the only person aloud to use it.If the machine ever runs out of charge then you would have to charge it up to give it extra power. On the side there is voice control so you can tell the machine what you want, plus there is a menu button to tell you what you want…

To turn on the most best features of this machine,you would need to press the green button to start up. Helping picking out your clothes dresses, shoes and make up salon then your parents would look sparkling clean not scruffy anymore.

If your parents are struggling or your to make your clothes match there are no need to worry just take photo of your self then slot it into the box just in two second the machine would recognize you then it would pick out the perfect clothes for you!

Remember to keep your machine clean safe and hidden because if there is little ones in there way it would be broken only let your family and yourself to use this machine.